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    • Heya thank you for the input! Here's some feedback on some of it. We'll work on sprucing up the Treasure Chest Event a bit better, we had made some adjustments to economy and that impacted when and where zeny coins were given. Drop rate of Gold and Treasure Boxes is actually getting a weekend drop rate boost in the next update All ETC/Miscellaneous items (not cards) will get boosted by ~25% on the weekends. So it's not quite a 100% drop but still much higher than normal~ WoE we have Bloody Coins available to all winning guild members that are online. Castle Treasures will remain the responsibility to claim and distribute to their members. As per adding better things to the WoE Rewards shop that is in the works so thank you for asking for that [:
    • Hi,   I have few suggestions for admin that will benefits for regular players. 1) Treasure Chest - previously minimum was silver coin and ygg berry. Now days no coin at all. Many times only gets ygg berry. Add again minimum silver coin.     If game admin does not want to add sliver coin then just change the name of event. you cannot called box who gives you only berry by searching it in map as "Treasure Chest".🙄 2) The drop rate of gold (gld_dun map) and treasure box (In abyss map) are not 100%. Kindly make it 100%. I play 1 hr but gets only 50-60 treasure box. then not worth to play for farming. Drop rate should be fare who wants to play more and more  to gets zenny by farming . 3) WoE. - All WoE prizes/chest drop items should be automatically goes to active players, so players gets direct benefits. Make drop items same for all. Only gives additional drop items to guild leader which can be used in WoE only, such as buff items,  ygg/poision bottle box, etc. 4) Add more items such as good equipment's in WoE rewards Shop NPC.   Thanks, Bazz.  
    • Just a tiny Hot Fix, updating attendance requires a server restart-- We've made sure to do this in the last 30 minutes of the day so we don't mess up Castle Treasures! Oh and don't forget to patch your game!   Fixes & Changes: Raised Crescent Moon Pendant (Halloween Quest Item) in White Lady (ID:1630) from 3% -> 15% Added Crescent Moon Pendant (Halloween Quest Item) to Bacsojin (ID:1518) @ 9% White Lady(ID:1630) now spawns as boss_monster in lou_dun03 Now tracked by Convex Mirror  Tombstone will now appear on death Updated Attendance, properly this time!
    • Patcher Update We decided to only include big changes as staple dates for the new notice as we had over 300 different changes since we started last year, however moving forward once again we will include small changes for transparency to our players.  
    • ⚠️ ATTENTION GUILD LEADERS / CASTLE HOLDERS ⚠️ What kind of changes would you like to see to Castle drops? Let us know below and/or on Discord!  
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