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    11th February 2022

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  5. https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Premium_Room Gotta ask the questions in Discord if you want timely answers, sorry for the delay!
  6. Where are the shiny perks for donators ;D
  7. A bunch of little touches everywhere, we hope it's beneficial to our community<3 Content Changes [NEW] Devil Square Battle through three rounds of monsters to make it to the end. Possible High-Tier reward(s) available in the Treasure Chest that spawns when all rounds are finished. All eligible and living participants have 30 seconds to claim the participation prize: 1x Rookie Badge Box. This event is new, so please bear with us while we fine tune the monsters and rewards involved! We want you to enjoy and have worth joining and c
  8. Important patch but not as grand scale of a content push~ Content Changes [FIXED] Random Battlegrounds Crashing on Accept BG Queue no longer prompts you when in queue. If you are in queue via @joinbg, when a new round begins you will be warped with no warning unlike before. If you don't want to queue make sure to @leavebg or you'll be automatically warped into the new round. Deserter status is now 5 seconds, this may be raised if people abuse the new leniency. Please report any issues you encounter with BG! [N
  9. You need to use the BGM folder for any music changes, which is bgm and is not located in your data folder. Actual sound effects are data\wav (monsters) and then data\wav\effect (skills & effects). Thank you for the report on the Discord link btw, we didn't realize that top link wasn't working. Official Discord Link
  10. Hello all. Im sorry, i havent got any sounds effects.I put from another RO client wav sounds and effects in data folder but it still doesnt workWhat i do wrong? Discord links from website, forum, ingame message, all of them disabled
  11. Hi,can u guys help me to recover my account? i forgot all my acct information,tq View full record
  12. hi,can i get back my account? i forgot my acount information,can u guys help me?
  13. Hotfix patch for global cooldowns and a few miscellaneous extras. Fixes & Changes Fox Tribe Buff increased from 5 -> 7 minutes. Treasure Box Event: Rookie Badge Box 20% -> 80% drop rate. Skill Changes Affected skills from an adjusted global cooldown: Fire Ball Fire Pillar Jupitel Thunder Lord of Vermillion Water Ball Storm Gust Quagmire Mystical Amplification Napalm Vulcan Ganbantein Sight Blaster Meteor S
  14. Doing a little mid-way release, there we're some things from the last patch that needed addressing. Have fun~ Content Changes [NEW] Valaris HP has been tripled: 3mil -> 9mil Notable Drops: Random Essence Box, Enriched Crafter Box, and Mystical Card Album! Given proper MVP status, counts towards the MVP Ladder and works with Convex Mirror. Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Valaris [NEW] Mystical Card Album A special Card Album that drops a bunch of MVP & Event Cards! Droppin
  15. We have a ton of new content this update. We hope you enjoy it, we worked hard on it! Content Changes [NEW] 3v3 Battleground Okay not so new, BUT it is back now! We removed the old modes to make room for all our new Battleground system a while back. Runs for 2 hours 3x a day. 04:00 - 06:00, 11:00 - 13:00, 19:00 - 21:00 Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Battlegrounds#3vs3_Party [NEW] Custom Biolabs (LHZ) MVP Cards 18 new MVP Cards have been added. Compounded on the Garmen
  16. Many little changes have made their way to to us in the New Year, we hope you like them [; Content Changes: [NEW] Gwenivere Wigs 8 New Costumes, look for this on wiki: Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Gwenivere_Wigs [NEW] Yoshida Anime Nerd 1 New Costume, look for this on wiki: Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Yoshida_Anime_Nerd [NEW] Vada Optician 1 New Costume, look for this on wiki: Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Vada_Opticia
  17. The X-Mas Update has arrived!! We hope you've enjoyed your holiday season so far, much love to you all and Happy Holidays~ Content Changes: [NEW] Christmas Events are back and with some additions! 3 NEW Costume Headgears, 2 in Quests and 1 in the X-Mas Special: Costume Grab-Bag. 6 NEW Event Cards added to the X-Mas Special: Event Card Grab-Bag! A previous Quest Costume has been moved to the X-Mas Special: Costume Grab-Bag, with a new one added in it as well. NEW Quest NPC: Gingerbread House Charlotte offers a [C] Feather
  18. We are aware of this being an issue, and it's due to the update we did a few weeks back regarding the new hover on inventory item colors. To get rid of the hard to read purple inventory items it meant a big text file that takes the client a bit to read and load. * We patch all of our files directly to the data folder because people have trouble with the recompression of direct to .grf updates. If this wasn't such a big issue believe us, we would have done it the other way from the start. Our Downloads always have the latest patches of their date condensed with an empty data fo
  19. SNOW HAS FALLEN ALL OVER RUNE MIDGARD~~ Small server-side update, fairly large client-side update! NOTE: Patch you game or you will error! Content Changes: [NEW] Seasonal Event Staff 5 new Talisman of Season added, 2 for X-Mas and 3 for New Years! Won't be able to complete all until X-Mas Events are added. Fixes & Changes: [NEW] Downloads Updated to include the X-Mas patch, your client will load faster with everything condensed to the xile.grf We will update the downloads again when we patch through
  20. We hope you're doing well, we have some pretty neat features coming along. We've integrated a "seasonal" version of them starting in October for Halloween~ Don't forget to patch your game! New items have been added that will cause errors if your game files are outdated. Some wiki pages are still under construction, a power outage today took out time to fine tune them-- We apologize for the inconvenience. Content Changes: [NEW] Floating ETC drop rates! Every 6 hours the rates change to increase up to 25% more than normal. Enjoy hunting for
  21. Heya thank you for the input! Here's some feedback on some of it. We'll work on sprucing up the Treasure Chest Event a bit better, we had made some adjustments to economy and that impacted when and where zeny coins were given. Drop rate of Gold and Treasure Boxes is actually getting a weekend drop rate boost in the next update All ETC/Miscellaneous items (not cards) will get boosted by ~25% on the weekends. So it's not quite a 100% drop but still much higher than normal~ WoE we have Bloody Coins available to all winning guild members that are online. Castle
  22. Hi, I have few suggestions for admin that will benefits for regular players. 1) Treasure Chest - previously minimum was silver coin and ygg berry. Now days no coin at all. Many times only gets ygg berry. Add again minimum silver coin. If game admin does not want to add sliver coin then just change the name of event. you cannot called box who gives you only berry by searching it in map as "Treasure Chest". 2) The drop rate of gold (gld_dun map) and treasure box (In abyss map) are not 100%. Kindly make it 100%. I play 1 hr but gets only 50-60 treasure box. then not
  23. Just a tiny Hot Fix, updating attendance requires a server restart-- We've made sure to do this in the last 30 minutes of the day so we don't mess up Castle Treasures! Oh and don't forget to patch your game! Fixes & Changes: Raised Crescent Moon Pendant (Halloween Quest Item) in White Lady (ID:1630) from 3% -> 15% Added Crescent Moon Pendant (Halloween Quest Item) to Bacsojin (ID:1518) @ 9% White Lady(ID:1630) now spawns as boss_monster in lou_dun03 Now tracked by Convex Mirror Tombstone will now appear on death Updated A
  24. Patcher Update We decided to only include big changes as staple dates for the new notice as we had over 300 different changes since we started last year, however moving forward once again we will include small changes for transparency to our players.
  25. ATTENTION GUILD LEADERS / CASTLE HOLDERS What kind of changes would you like to see to Castle drops? Let us know below and/or on Discord!
  26. Hello everyone! It's update day and we've got a decent stack of stuff coming your way~ Content Changes: [NEW] Halloween Content! Last years Halloween Events get a new Questline added! Details for 2020 -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Halloween#2020 Details for 2021 -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Halloween#2021 [NEW] Godly Loot Box This piece of content can now finally be opened for a chance at some really good stuff! It drops at 0.01% from MVPs and various Mini-Bosses!
  27. Heya guys! We wanted to share a little bit of what's coming in this weeks update and if you could give it a read and supply us with some feedback it would be highly appreciated~ [: In our last update we successfully implemented the Zeny for Ubers Stock Market. Our goal was to lower the amount of useless zeny veterans had amassed and hoarded for no good reason. All of that with the end goal of flattening the newbie to veteran curve. Things this weeks update will bring: • Lowered cost of zeny requirements for content across the server.
  28. Make sure to finish up your Anniversary Quest, it's going away in this weeks update! Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Server_Anniversary_2021
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