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  3. We hope you're doing well, we have some pretty neat features coming along. We've integrated a "seasonal" version of them starting in October for Halloween~ Don't forget to patch your game! New items have been added that will cause errors if your game files are outdated. Some wiki pages are still under construction, a power outage today took out time to fine tune them-- We apologize for the inconvenience. Content Changes: [NEW] Floating ETC drop rates! Every 6 hours the rates change to increase up to 25% more than normal. Enjoy hunting for
  4. Heya thank you for the input! Here's some feedback on some of it. We'll work on sprucing up the Treasure Chest Event a bit better, we had made some adjustments to economy and that impacted when and where zeny coins were given. Drop rate of Gold and Treasure Boxes is actually getting a weekend drop rate boost in the next update All ETC/Miscellaneous items (not cards) will get boosted by ~25% on the weekends. So it's not quite a 100% drop but still much higher than normal~ WoE we have Bloody Coins available to all winning guild members that are online. Castle
  5. Hi, I have few suggestions for admin that will benefits for regular players. 1) Treasure Chest - previously minimum was silver coin and ygg berry. Now days no coin at all. Many times only gets ygg berry. Add again minimum silver coin. If game admin does not want to add sliver coin then just change the name of event. you cannot called box who gives you only berry by searching it in map as "Treasure Chest". 2) The drop rate of gold (gld_dun map) and treasure box (In abyss map) are not 100%. Kindly make it 100%. I play 1 hr but gets only 50-60 treasure box. then not
  6. Just a tiny Hot Fix, updating attendance requires a server restart-- We've made sure to do this in the last 30 minutes of the day so we don't mess up Castle Treasures! Oh and don't forget to patch your game! Fixes & Changes: Raised Crescent Moon Pendant (Halloween Quest Item) in White Lady (ID:1630) from 3% -> 15% Added Crescent Moon Pendant (Halloween Quest Item) to Bacsojin (ID:1518) @ 9% White Lady(ID:1630) now spawns as boss_monster in lou_dun03 Now tracked by Convex Mirror Tombstone will now appear on death Updated A
  7. Patcher Update We decided to only include big changes as staple dates for the new notice as we had over 300 different changes since we started last year, however moving forward once again we will include small changes for transparency to our players.
  8. ATTENTION GUILD LEADERS / CASTLE HOLDERS What kind of changes would you like to see to Castle drops? Let us know below and/or on Discord!
  9. Hello everyone! It's update day and we've got a decent stack of stuff coming your way~ Content Changes: [NEW] Halloween Content! Last years Halloween Events get a new Questline added! Details for 2020 -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Halloween#2020 Details for 2021 -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Halloween#2021 [NEW] Godly Loot Box This piece of content can now finally be opened for a chance at some really good stuff! It drops at 0.01% from MVPs and various Mini-Bosses!
  10. Heya guys! We wanted to share a little bit of what's coming in this weeks update and if you could give it a read and supply us with some feedback it would be highly appreciated~ [: In our last update we successfully implemented the Zeny for Ubers Stock Market. Our goal was to lower the amount of useless zeny veterans had amassed and hoarded for no good reason. All of that with the end goal of flattening the newbie to veteran curve. Things this weeks update will bring: • Lowered cost of zeny requirements for content across the server.
  11. Make sure to finish up your Anniversary Quest, it's going away in this weeks update! Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Server_Anniversary_2021
  12. Introduction: Small update which includes some server upgrades to create better atmosphere for players, This update includes gepard source changes to enable features we hope to bring soon to add another layer of gameplay. General Updates: [UPDATE] Updated attendance for this month. Source Updates: [Update] Added Gepard Auras to source. [Update] Added Gepard Nicknames to source. [Update] Added Gepard Itemnames to source.
  13. Problem: It mean that player loaded OS in test signing mode. This mode is used to load unsigned drivers. For example, if player wants to create driver to bypass anti-cheat - as usual he doesn't have certificate to sign driver. And he needs to load OS in this mode for using own driver. Solution Disabling this mode http://5cm.ru/view/i7/2x8h.pnghttps://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/drivers/install/the-testsigning-boot-configuration-option
  14. Introduction We are happy to have such a great community and players that have supported the server for over a full year, so we just like to extend our gratitude and respect for those who have continued to make the server better! . Our last update introduced new ways to earn donation ubers by using zenies on a dynamic algorithm, this was not the main focus of the last update but we have had great response to the update by our players and we are happy to look into other ways we can create player focused approaches. This update introduces new monster costumes on their monster counterparts
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    I have a new homie, BYEEE!

  16. Hey friend so I know I'm getting back to your topic really late and that's honestly my biggest shortcoming. I'll plan to reply when I get time and when I get time? I do basically anything but what I had planned to do. GG! Anyways, I'm just letting you know that a plan with MVPs has been in motion for just over a week for the next updates we wanted to push out. You are not the first new player to have this issue with MVPs and higher tier PvM content. We hear you, and we wanna make that newbie veteran gap smaller. All three of us admins are old school xRO players a
  17. This update focuses on zeny and economy changes, we wanted to help how the server functions around zeny and the coins you can convert them into, we also want to open up new doors for non-donators to obtain donation gears with zeny! Content Updates: [NEW] Glast Heim Prison: Viable Leveling Area with accompanying Costume Quest Chain! Undead monsters abound, use your holy element in this leveling area developed to rival Crystal Caves! Zherlthsh / Zealotus spawns every hour to hour and a half. Zherlthsh / Zealotus has an MVP Tombstone to better tra
  18. Hey There, hope you will find this suggestions. In-Game it was really hard to find anyone (GM or Support). I tried it out for 3 days... Only 1 Event GM was online but all time AFK. I am a really old xRO player. Not the PK that is running, i mean the really old "Original". I just saw your server and it seems to be the same one, hype! I was so happy and also invited my brother to play again. His first meaning was "uhhh, is it the real one and are there any restrictions?". This was the first, why i tried to get support ingame for 3 days. So i just looked at your WiKi. But
  19. Aumenta o DANO do taekwon ranker! essa classe está fraca.
  20. Hello everyone! This update is our first update after our critical crash that has occurred over two weeks. For this update we will be looking at reducing the clutter on the chat window and removing NPC that are not being used; this includes event NPCs! which may return at a latter date, We have updated the announcements for woe breaks and battlegrounds too! And everyone wants BG pricing so we have that too. Global Changes: Skills are now possible inside towns. [Pushed to next update] Trades are now possible inside towns. [Pushed to next update] Message Cleanu
  21. Hi Admin, Today (07-06-2021) I broke many Treasure chests but got only apples. Is this bug? Can i get replacement of treasure chest loot as per i broke them ? Mostly i broke with character name ISharpI This error was fix at 07-06-2021 16:34 treasure chest loot. Thanks
  22. Before we say anything else, first we must apologize to you all for not only the delay in this latest update but also in the resulting chaos the ensued with the server crashes during Saturdays WoE because of the Battleground script conflict. It's not really something we pieced together until many crashes in and many trial and errors when it was all happening live. @Mambow and @Aliciza are working to solve this issue. We are making BG automatically stop when WoE begins and start back up upon the end of WoE in hopes that this solves it once and for all. We would like to let it be known that w
  23. OMG, can you believe it's been a year already since launch?! HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EVERYONE!! Content Updates [NEW] Battlegrounds 2.0 - 8 Modes Use @joinbg to join the queue to a random running match! Rewards are in @bgshop, you can walk to it in Louyang if you want~ Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Battlegrounds [NEW] Custom Gear Sets from Battlegrounds in @bgshop Scarlet Angel Headgear Set - (Interchangeable with Emperor) Scarlet Angel Helm [3] Scarlet Angel Ears [1
  24. 〉Wineskin Guide for Ragnarok Online Table of Contents Introduction Required Software Creating the Winewrapper Configuration Running the Game Ending Notes 〉Introduction For better or worse, Apple's Macbook laptops have become much more prominent for everyday use. It's no secret that gaming on these laptops is next to impossible due to compatibility issues, but tools like Wineskin assist in bridging the gap in running Windows-based executable software on a Mac. This guide is made to help walk mac users through the process of us
  25. What a blessing~
  26. https://forums.xileretro.net/index.php?/forum/43-gm-team/
  27. Mambow

    10th May 2021

    Content Updates [NEW] Elemental Bullet Quests! Gunslinger was in need of some love so we decided to give him Elemental Bullets There are 6 new bullets total Shell of Fire (Fire Element, 30 atk) Shell of Water (Water Element,30 atk) Shell of Rock (Earth Element,30 atk) Shell of Wind (Wind Element,30 atk) Shell of Darkness (Dark Element,30 atk) Shell of Ice (Water Element,25 atk, 10% chance to freeze) These stats are NOT final and may be tweaked in futu
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