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    • [NEW] Elemental Bullet Quests!
      • Gunslinger was in need of some love so we decided to give him Elemental Bullets
      • There are 6 new bullets total
        • Shell of Fire (Fire Element, 30 atk)
        • Shell of Water (Water Element,30 atk)
        • Shell of Rock (Earth Element,30 atk)
        • Shell of Wind (Wind Element,30 atk)
        • Shell of Darkness (Dark Element,30 atk)
        • Shell of Ice (Water Element,25 atk, 10% chance to freeze)
      • These stats are NOT final and may be tweaked in future for balancing reasons.
      • Each bullet has it's own quest, you find the NPCs in Louyang (@go 14) when you walk up a little ^_^
      • You always get 1 bullet in return. These bullets can be traded (potential market?!)
      • This quest was added to our interactive @help command -> Quests -> Bottom "Elemental Bullets"
    • [NEW] Monthly PvP / GvG / Top Guild Ladder!!
      • We've worked on an amazing Ladder Board with Monthly rewards! ~
      • Every 1st day of the month at 00:00, the ladder resets
      • On the same day, the rewards will be transfered.
      • The ladder displays the top 10 in PvP, GvG and Top guilds.
      • Top 10 PvP and top 10 GvG Ladder player get a reward (via RoDex, mail)
      • A full list of rewards will be added to our wiki shortly, however - Here's the top 3 of each category;
        • Top 1 PvP Ladder - 15x Ygg Box, 1x +7/+8 Refine Hammer, 3x Random Essence Box, 2x [E] Hydra Card, 35m Zeny
        • Top 2 PvP Ladder - 12x Ygg Box, 2x +5+/+6 Refine Hammer, 2x Random Essence Box, 2x Event Card Grab Bag
        • Top 3 PvP Ladder - 10x Ygg Box, 1x +5/+6 Refine Hammer, 1x Random Essence Box, 1x Event Card Grab Bag
        • ...
        • Top 1 GvG Ladder - 1x [C] Relic Bow, 15x Slim Pot Box, 10x Ygg Box, 3x Random Essence Box, 3x Event Card Grab Bag
        • Top 2 GvG Ladder - 12x Slim Pot Box, 8x Ygg Box, 2x Random Essence Box, 2x Event Card Grab Bag, 1x Mystic Costume Box
        • Top 3 GvG Ladder - 10x Slim Pot Box, 5x Ygg Box, 1x Random Essence Box, 1x Event Card Grab Bag, 1x Event Costume Box
        • ...
      • How do your kills and deaths count into the ladder? 
        • PVP Ladder does only count when you're in @pvp / @go 15, arug_que01
        • If a GM catches you abusing, we will gladly reset your ladder scores and give you a 1 week ban :)
        • GvG Ladder only counts in active castles when WoE is active! 
      • Our GMs have plans for future Top Guild Events - Stay tuned! ~
      • This is still a very new custom system for us so please let us know if you experience bugs ~
    • [NEW] [C] Blinking Eyes Gold - Quest
      • This is a new costume (Blinking eyes previously known of our Questshops) with golden color
      • You'll have to find a few golden piggies around some filds (4 per map)
        • Each Piggie has a 3% Dropchance to drop Golden Fairy Dust!
        • Next to that they drop 4x Gold at 100% and 1x Treasure Box at 100%
        • hu_fild01, lou_fild01, moc_fild01, pay_fild01, ra_fild01
        • @mi 1840, @whereis 1840
      • Find Monokini in @go 14 (walk up a little) to start the quest
      • This quest was added to our @help costume section
      • Wiki coming soon! :)
    • [NEW] 30 Member Guild Cap - Trial
      • As we've previously mentioned, we would love to see more guild variety and with that more competitive WoEs
      • The guild member cap will therefor be reduced to 30 (previously 40)
      • Part of this change is an increase of our Emperiums HP as we thought defending guilds will now have a harder timer
        • Emp HP increase 760k -> 1,56kk
      • This change is NOT final, it is a trial. We await feedback ^_^
    • [NEW] @help - Updated
      • @help was updated with our latest quests so you can easily find everything you need to!


    Fixes & Changes

    • Emperium HP doubled (760k -> 1,56kk, @mi 1288)
    • Hotfixed earlier last week - Guild Rally cooldown bypass fix
    • Brasilis gets a Hairstylist
    • Hotfixed earlier last week - @mall/@shop and other command warps bypass the PVP-warp cooldown! 

    Work In Progress

    • Information regarding BattleGrounds
      • Since we talk to a lot of our community member via PM and gave them some infos earlier, we wish to drag this out of PM boxes and make it a public topic
      • Unfortunately, we had to scrap what we have done so far as we were progressing way too slow.
      • The worst case scenario was to let you guys wait for another few months. 
      • That's something we definetly do not want to do! 
      • We now decided to use a pretty expensive and paid version of BattleGrounds and customize them based on that.
      • What does that mean? The wait is soon over!

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