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  • 15th February 2021

    Content Updates

    • [NEW] XileRetro is now a 255/120 server!
      •  Yes you heard right, we extended our Job Level to 120~
      •  Existing Characters can level their chars to Job Level 120.
      •  This includes Gunslinger/StarGladiator/SoulLinker and all Advanced 2nd Classes. 
    • [NEW] FE Castles do now drop Unique Accessories!
    • [NEW] Gwenivere has 4 new Wigs!
    • [NEW] Vanilla hats go Costume!
      •  The legendary Vanilla hats in @mall/@shop are now costumes!
      •  Existing Hats will not be converted, they stay what they were
      •  They come with a price of 150m Zeny each~
    • [NEW] Worldboss Map Change!
      •  Our World Bosses got a beautiful new place to exist
      •  Nice side effect - it makes it easier for our GMs to police AFKs and hiding people 😘

    Content Changes

    • Party Assumptio Scrolls can no longer be used in @go 15/@pvp and in our Arenas (3vs3 / 5mffa)
      • This change comes with an update to our Yggs (both, berry and seeds) cooldowns in @pvp/@go 15
      • Yggdrasil Berries do now have a cooldown of 11 seconds in @pvp/@go 15
      • Yggdrasil Seeds come with a cooldown of 6,5 seconds
      • These changes are not final, we will adjust them if needed
    • Ayu and Naraku no longer move around, they are now statues on the sidelines
    • Stalker should no longer lose their Skills and Skill Points!
      • We are very happy to announce, that we believe we finally found the bug that was causing the stalker skills/points loss.
      • Please report any anomalies ASAP!
    • LHZ MVPs now have a chance to drop MVP Souls!
    • Envenon now has Range
    • Player Event Queue was extended for more stability
    • Sight Trasher cooldown was slightly increased
    • Skill Iteration overhaul 
      •  Skills like Bombs / Traps / Icewalls that iterate, got new logics in the background
      •  This should fix the Icewall - Keeping cells stuck - problem!
    • Socketing Failure message was updated, better wording
    • All Random Item Option-Items that previously had the prefix "Unique" turned into "[U]"
    • Black Jack Dealer not reducing your Zeny when you "Double Dawn" exploit was fixed
    • Internal conversions and improvements (which includes an update to 2021 rAthena!)
    • Branches can no longer be used in int_land (who tried to kill newbies straight away?? Evil!)
    • Very small maps were abused to hunt our lovely valentine bunnies. These were removed!
    • Elixor cooldown was reduced from 60 to 15 seconds
    • Internal logging and security improvements

    Work In Progress

    • Battle Grounds - Soon™ 💀
    • Sets (-stats) (The scarlet emperor was a little devil...)
      • We are still working on the stats of these sets to get them as balanced as possible!
      • We thank all the people who're supporting us with many hours of tests~

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