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  •  Content Updates

    • [NEW] Fox Tails - 2 Stage Quest
      • This quest is not for everyone, it requires a lot of zenies~! 
      • The Fox Tribe asks you to help them out, they're on the edge of poverty
      • They can no longer collect enough shiny things to make a living due to the many warriors being around in Rune-Midgarts
      • Help them out by donating your Zeny Coins. You'll get an awesome Black Fox Tail in return
      • He'll offer you to join their tribe and become part of their family!
      • Next to more Zeny, you'll have to bring a few items
      • When you successfully finish stage 2, you'll be part of the fox-family!
      • You get 2 amazing costumes + when you talk to the fox, he will buff you with agi and blessing for 5 minutes
    • [NEW] We got a new Reset Girl!
      • She does now allow to save your stat builds
      • You can switch between builds without any Zeny costs!
      • This will be super helpful if you're a frequent Battle Royale player ~
    • [NEW] No mail item mapflag
      • We've successfully worked on a custom solution to flag maps so people can not collect mail attachments (items)
      • Same logic applies if you try to send mails via RoDex
      • This mapflag was applied on our Battle Royale and Novice vs Zombie map


    Content Changes

    • Token droprate increase from 5% to 10%!
      • With the new sets being released soon, it's about time to make token sets accessable easier
      • This change applies for Geffen and Payon castles too! (Random Token Box)
    • Unique Accessory Box (FE Castle Drop) was increased from 3 to 5%!
    • Battle Royale - Force Party leave/disband on enter, Parties are locked on the map (means you can't join/create new parties)
    • Battle Royale - Clown and Gypsy gets a second weapon so they can properly use their skills!
    • Battle Royale - High Jump and Shadow Leap are now disabled
    • Battle Royale - Items do now get deleted properly when you leave the map
    • Battle Royale - When you joined last sec, you stayed frozen. This is now fixed!
    • Battle Royale - [BR] Accessory MDEF was changed to 3 (5 before)
    • Battle Royale - [BR] Shield Card does now add 45% magical resistance (30 before)
    • Battle Royale - [BR] Bloody Knight Champion Card allstats reduced from 5 to 3
      • New - [BR] BKC does now give you 80% stun immunity!
    • Battle Royale - Announcement correction (10 minutes -> 7,5 minutes)
    • All Unholy Path bosses do now drop an item at 100% (PDB/YGG) so people know the drops worked
    • Premium Costume Shop does now have 3 new costumes (Dolls)
    • Premium Pet Shop does now have 2 new pets (Aliot and Alizia)
    • Internal System to easily check and wipe items that shouldn't exist ([BR] items leaving the Battle Royale map were the trigger to develop this~)

    Work In Progress

    • BattleGrounds - Soon™
      • We're already more than 3000 source-code lines in, we'll need everyone's help for large scale tests soon! :)
    • MVP Ladder - Point System with daily, weekly and monthly rewards
    • Nostalgia Costume Box
    • Gothic Costumes - Glastheim

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