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  • Content Updates

    • [NEW] Kiki updated for March - 3 new costumes!
    • [NEW] GM Event - PUBG - Battle Royal (with your gears)!
      • People who participate, get warped to a map and freeze
      • The registration NPC in @go 15 (appears when a GM activates it) can show you the mechanics
      • Once the GM starts the Event, people unfreeze
      • Now you gotta fight for your life! - Last man standing wins the event! ~
      • NO USEABLES on that map. You heard right - No useables at all
    • [NEW] Castle Entrances do now have a WoE Time Board
      • This makes it easier to time last-min attacks
      • It should also help to conquer not defended castles!
      • The annoying @time spam is now past - Just look at the WoE Time Board! ~


    Content Changes

    • Fly Wings can no longer be used in @go 15 / @pvp
    • Butterfly Wings can no longer be used in @go 15 / @pvp
    • Creamy Card effect in @go 15 / @pvp is disabled
    • Pet Groomer return in selected cities (e.G. Izlude) and sell required pet food
    • Egnigem Cenia is now flagged as MVP and has a tombstone
    • @woe does now work as intended! Helpful tool for everyone - It warps to active castles when WoE is active
    • Pneuma can no longer be used on the Worldboss Map
    • Spirial Pierce 5% damage nerf
    • [U] Dark Defier added to the drop-pool of Mardol Treasures (@mi 1943)
    • [U] Staff of Ages added to the drop-pool of Vidblainn Treasures (@mi 1940)
    • You do now get 5 Bonus Activity Points in @go 15 / @pvp (17 per 20 mins total)
    • Thunderstorm damage decreased by 5%
    • +7/+8 Refine scrolls do now work, they'll be available as monthly reward at the upcoming MVP Ladder
    • Valentines Event items can now be sold to a NPC


    Work In Progress

    • BattleGrounds - Soon™
    • Item Sets
    • MVP Ladder - Point System with daily, weekly and monthly rewards
    • Automated Event - Battle Royal! This will work like Fortnite - People spawn without gear.. That's how it all begins! ~

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