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  • 22nd February 2021

    Content Updates

    • [NEW] Wednesday Payon WoE goes Geffen!
    • [NEW] New Command - @woe
      • When WoE is active, this command warps you to the active castle!
      • When there's more than one castle active, a menu opens that lets you chose which castle to warp to
      • During WoE inactive times, you can check the schedule with @woe
    • [NEW] Warp Delay - 5 Seconds
      • When you get attacked by another player, you are unable to warp for 5 seconds
      • This includes @go and @warp
      • The logic might need further tweaking in future, please report any anomalities


    Content Changes

    • Assumption Scrolls can no longer be used in @go 15 / @pvp and in 3vs3/5mffa
    • Plagiarism NPC for Stalker in Prontera gets the skill Triple-Attack
    • Clone Pets do no longer cause Sprite-Errors
    • Soullinker can now level up to joblevel 120
    • Helm of Darkness Sprite-Error is now fixed
    • Christmass Daddy Bag & Bubble Gums ViewIDs were fixed to display the correct costume
    • 3vs3 Announcement correction (4 hours -> 2 hours)
    • Various background warnings and errors were fixed for more stability
    • WoE announces were edited to reflect the newly introduced Geffen WoE


    Work In Progress

    • BattleGrounds - Soon™
    • Sets
    • MVP Ladder - Point System with daily, weekly and monthly rewards

    Images Below




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