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  • Hello everyone!
    It's been a long time since our last update, reason being private life problems of us admins. 
    We are happy to announce, that we're slowly getting back into development which means we'll have more frequent updates again!
    This weeks update is more focused to fix existing problems and discrepancies like the abuse of Android Macros and the Rally Guild cooldown bug.

    Next to that you probably realized that we're re-organising our staff team. Therefor we have new staff positions.
    Please check this post (https://www.facebook.com/groups/XileRetro/permalink/2006316809533145) and/or our Discord #staff-recruitment channel for details.
    You'll find the application form in the Discord #staff-recruitment channel.
    Applications go to Mambow#1212 in Discord!

    Content Updates

    • [NEW] Collector Kiki April & May costumes were added!
      • Enjoy 6 new amazing costumes
    • [NEW] Attendance updated for May
    • [NEW] @battleinfo implementation
      • This is a new @-command 
      • This is per login-instance (when you relog, it's default off)
      • When @battleinfo is on, you see who and how you killed someone
      • vice versa - You see who and how you were killed
    • [NEW] Invocation Cape Quest
      • As many of you requested, we decided to make Invocation Cape available ingame
      • However, this quest is a long term quest and it's REALLY expensive since it's so much of a special and rare costume
      • Visit the entrance of the church in prontera (84, 100) , Transcended Armand will tell you what to do
      • You can buy 1 Holy Cross Remnant (75m Zeny) per day!
      • You need 40 Holy Cross Remnants for the Black Invocation Cape
      • If you wish to transcend and upgrade your Black Invocation Cape to a white one, you need another 50 Remnants and a lot of zenies 
      • Holy Cross Remnants are not tradeable and with that bound to your account. However, the final Costumes are tradeable!
      • Invocation Cape was added to the uber shop
    • [NEW] Android is temporary locked out of WoE Castles!
      • When you use an android instance and enter a castle, your android will crash
      • We're very sorry for the fair and legit android player but this is a necessary step. We hope you understand :)
      • It's not gonna be like that forever! Once we get the tools of AndRO itself, we'll work something out so even AndRO peeps can play again


    Fixes & Changes

    • Rally guild bug (more than once within 5 minutes) is fixed!
      • This includes the timer of the cooldown-left status icon that was still buggy before 
      • Please report any anomalities asap!
    • We learned of a tool that bypasses Gepard 3.0
      • We've been working together with Functor, the gepard owner, to get this blocked
      • The first gepard security update this week blocks a few of this tools functions
      • Within the next 2 weeks, it will be fully blocked

    Work In Progress

    • We're resuming the works on our BattleGrounds!
      • New Sets and a lot of amazing new costumes come with them
      • We know we've been asking for patience a lot. We also wish, to get this done asap. Please be patient for a little longer :)
    • Gunslinger Elemental Bullets
      • Yes you heard right, Gunslinger gets a great new set of Bullets (Fire, Wind, Earth, Ice, Water, Dark..)
      • They will be accessable when you complete a quest
    • Nostalgia Costume Box
    • Glastheim Prison Dungeons 
      • Glastheim will get reworked so it is an actual option to lvl up
      • Next to that, there'll be an awesome questline with cool costumes for this
    • @mall/@shop and other command warps bypass the PVP-warp cooldown! 
      • This will be fixed soon ~

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