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  • New Items, NPC's & BG Release (3rd June 2021)


    OMG, can you believe it's been a year already since launch?!



    Content Updates



    • Added support for enchant grade items


    Fixes & Changes

    • Fixed Venom Pressure combo with some items
    • Lokis Veil can no longer be casted on WoE SE maps
    • Disable guild recall on Battlegrounds
    • Removed automatic storage opening on battleground therapist.
    • PVP Map only accessable for blvl > 200 and jlvl > 100
    • Moved the previous Honor Point Rewards to @bgshop, you can now purchase with Rookie Badges earned from BG 2.0.


    Work In Progress

    • Mythic Weapons (All Classes WITH new Sprites!!)
    • MVP Ladder - Point System with daily, weekly and monthly rewards
    • Nostalgia Costume Box
    • Gothic Costume Headgear Set - Glastheim


    User Feedback

    Recommended Comments

    Hi Admin,

    Today (07-06-2021) I broke many Treasure chests but got only apples. Is this bug? Can i get replacement of treasure chest loot as per i broke them ? Mostly i broke with character name ISharpI


    This error was fix at 07-06-2021 16:34 treasure chest loot. 



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