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  • 8th February 2021

    Content Updates

    • [NEW] Valentines Day Content & Quests
    • There's an amazing storyline with awesome rewards (Side-Quests included!)
    • [NEW] Attendance Loot contains Valentines Day costumes.
    • [NEW] Lunar New Year Event
      • Sunflowers have a chance to spawn in all fields and dungeons.
      • If you're lucky enough to find one, you will be given Lvl 10 Blessing & Agi up for 6 minutes
      • Odd plants called Moneyleaf spawn in towns. If you're lucky enough to find one of these, you will be given 800.000z
      • Details -> https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=Lunar_Event_2021
    • [NEW] Lighthalzen Biolab 3 & 4
    • WoE Channel Management
    • -> All public channels get disabled when WoE starts
    • -> They are brought active 10 minutes after WoE has ended
    • [NEW] HD Textures
      • Prontera
      • Izlude
      • Morroc
      • And various green areas!

    Content Changes

    • Activity Point Shop
      • Now offers a Poison Bottle Box with 35 PDBs for 245 Activity Points
    • Event Announces were moved to a channel called [Event]
      • Done to reduce the excessive amount of broadcasts.
    • WoE SE Unique Elite Weapon rotation
      • Vidblainn - @mi 1940
      • Mardol - @mi 1943
      • Shared Treasure stays - @mi 1324)
    • Gunslinger - Spread Attack and Fullbuster range reduced
      • (18 -> 14, 4 skillbase + 10 passive)
    • GMs have a new option to hand out 4 Gold-Coins for special event prize
    • World Boss now drops [C] Test Subject Aura by small chance.
    • Bloody Branches can now summon LHZ Bio3/4 MVPs
    • WoE Time announces were rephrased/shortened and reduced to once per hour
      • Twice per hour previously.
    • Coin Exchanger dialogue issues were fixed
    • Throwable itemweights were fixed
    • RoDex retrieve all button does now work properly
    • Fixed Sealed Shrine timer not being disabling


     Work In Progress

    • BattleGrounds
      • New Gear Sets (The scarlet emporer was a little devil...)
      • New Elite Costumes
    • Unique Accessory Drops (FE Castles)

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