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  • Content Updates

    • [NEW] Battle Royale - Automated Event
      • We proudly present a new event we have scripted from scratch and is 100% custom - Battle Royale! 
      • This event happens once per hour, always xx:35 server time!~
      • Every participant spawns "naked" without any items (they get moved to your storage)
      • Your status points get reset
      • Once the event starts, you'll have to face your opponets in fierce battles
      • On the way, you have to watch out for Lootboxes that contain Battle Royal Equip
      • Don't miss the plants and mushrooms either, they contain helpful useables!
      • 10 minutes time limit! There's a counter and announces to let you know the time left at all times
      • Once the 10 minutes passed, everyone gets warped to a sudden-death spot! Who's gonna survive??
      • Your inventory gets cleared when the event is over
      • Commands are fully disabled on the Battle Royale Map
      • 1st place earns 350 HP +30m , 2nd place gets solid 200 HP +20m, 3rd place is at 150 HP and 10m zeny
      • Everyone who doesn't reach top 3, still gets 50 Honor Points consolation prize!~
    • [NEW] Rally Guild / Emergency Call cooldown Icon!
      • As many of you requested, we implemented a custom way to display the left cooldown for Rally
      • There's still a known issue - It doesn't catch relogs
      • That means eventhough you have a cooldown of 5 minutes when you relog, it doesn't show the timer accordingly
      • If you don't relog and just use Rally, the timer works perfectly fine!
    • [NEW] Sign of Love deleter NPC in Prontera!
      • Our previous attempts to make the item sellable obviously failed
      • You can now talk to Gramps, he'll gladly take the Signs of Love off your shoulders


    Content Changes

    • Spider Web - Max instance capped to 1 (3 before)
      • Many of you kept saying Spiderwebs get whole guilds stuck. These Webs were never supposed to do that!
      • Reducing the max active skill-instances to 1 is an attempt to get this skill balanced
    • Soullinker Links duration was increased from 180 seconds to 240 seconds (4 minutes!)
      • Skill Descriptions will be adjusted a little later ~
    • PUBG Event-Map is no longer partylocked
    • The Hunting mission NPC was moved a little higher to no longer block vision on Kriems flag
    • Thunderstorm and Heavens Drive got a small cooldown
    • Bolts got a Micro cooldown (0,1s)
    • Shadow Leap cooldown was increased
    • A new Server-announcement asking you to help us grow by dropping a positive review on RMS was implemented
    • Skills in aldebaran and alberta are no longer disabled

    Work In Progress

    • BattleGrounds 
    • MVP Ladder - Point System with daily, weekly and monthly rewards
    • Nostalgia Costume Box

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