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  1. Mambow

    10th May 2021

    Content Updates [NEW] Elemental Bullet Quests! Gunslinger was in need of some love so we decided to give him Elemental Bullets There are 6 new bullets total Shell of Fire (Fire Element, 30 atk) Shell of Water (Water Element,30 atk) Shell of Rock (Earth Element,30 atk) Shell of Wind (Wind Element,30 atk) Shell of Darkness (Dark Element,30 atk) Shell of Ice (Water Element,25 atk, 10% chance to freeze) These stats are NOT final and may be tweaked in futu
  2. Mambow

    30th April 2021

    Hello everyone! It's been a long time since our last update, reason being private life problems of us admins. We are happy to announce, that we're slowly getting back into development which means we'll have more frequent updates again! This weeks update is more focused to fix existing problems and discrepancies like the abuse of Android Macros and the Rally Guild cooldown bug. Next to that you probably realized that we're re-organising our staff team. Therefor we have new staff positions. Please check this post (https://www.facebook.com/groups/XileRetro/permalink/2006316809533145
  3. Mambow

    15th March 2021

    Content Updates [NEW] Fox Tails - 2 Stage Quest This quest is not for everyone, it requires a lot of zenies~! The Fox Tribe asks you to help them out, they're on the edge of poverty They can no longer collect enough shiny things to make a living due to the many warriors being around in Rune-Midgarts Help them out by donating your Zeny Coins. You'll get an awesome Black Fox Tail in return He'll offer you to join their tribe and become part of their family! Next to more Zeny, you'll have to bring a few items Wh
  4. We're sorry that you feel this way but these changes are not based on single-player saying "please nerf X", they are based on analytics and data. We all strive to get the game as balanced as it can only be, thanks for your support
  5. Hello The recent nerfs to Professor you refer to are a first attempt to make the class Professor in general not as overpowered as it previously was. We had a lot of reports of professors getting whole guilds stuck in WoE with the amount of Spiderwebs they got to cast. We will keep a close eye on the development of magical classes and adapt as we move forward. They are still one of the highest DPS class ingame, even after the recent nerfs. Thanks for your heads up though, this only shows us that we really need to keep a very close eye on the development
  6. [Event] Drawing Contest Result First of all we wish to thank everyone who participated. We were shocked by the skill you guys showed us. Every entry you sent was nothing but AMAZING Our Jury team talked about each of your entries for many hours, about the details, the creativity, the art in general.. We had planed to only reward the top 3 entries but in the end, we had to admit that every entry deserves a reward! We thank you for your participation from the bottom of our hearts! Enough talks, let's look at the the final results - #1 - Novor - 88 / 90 Points -B
  7. Join our Facebook Like and Share and win awesome prizes! https://www.facebook.com/xileretro/posts/259135015831179
  8. Mambow

    8th March 2021

    Content Updates [NEW] Battle Royale - Automated Event We proudly present a new event we have scripted from scratch and is 100% custom - Battle Royale! This event happens once per hour, always xx:35 server time!~ Every participant spawns "naked" without any items (they get moved to your storage) Your status points get reset Once the event starts, you'll have to face your opponets in fierce battles On the way, you have to watch out for Lootboxes that contain Battle Royal Equip Don't miss the plants and mushroom
  9. The timer are attached to the character and can not be moved to a NPC in this case We have repair-NPCs in almost every city, I don't think we need more
  10. Mambow

    1st March 2021

    Content Updates [NEW] Kiki updated for March - 3 new costumes! [NEW] GM Event - PUBG - Battle Royal (with your gears)! People who participate, get warped to a map and freeze The registration NPC in @go 15 (appears when a GM activates it) can show you the mechanics Once the GM starts the Event, people unfreeze Now you gotta fight for your life! - Last man standing wins the event! ~ NO USEABLES on that map. You heard right - No useables at all [NEW] Castle Entrances do now have a WoE Time Board This makes it eas
  11. That's something we had in the past and it was not something people liked. They felt "locked" in that map. Don't ask me
  12. I do agree that runner are somewhat ... I would gently call them "annoying". On the other hand - It's obvious who won the match if someone runs, right? It kind of is a mechanic imo. If you're taking too long to deal damage to your opponet, you're maybe too slow. Adapt and play around the warp cooldown is what i suggest We shouldn't forget that this warp-delay affects WoE too. Assuming you die and want to quickly warp back to the castle, you wouldn't be able to. 5 seconds is still somewhat viable, increasing that isn't a good idea.
  13. I would love to hear more oppinions on this one. The feedback I got was very mixed, some people don't like it, others do
  14. Mambow

    22nd February 2021

    Content Updates [NEW] Wednesday Payon WoE goes Geffen! The WoEs on Wednesday get replaced with Geffen WoEs This change is in effect starting from now! - Next Wednesday = Geffen WoE's ~ Sidenote - This means every castle is only active ONCE per week. More competition! Treasure Chests have the same drop-pool as the payon castles @mi 1340 / @mi 1336 https://wiki.xileretro.net/index.php?title=War_of_Emperium#Geffen_Castles Castles - Bergel and Eeyorbriggar, this can be changed in future if needed https
  15. I would love to hear your feedback on our newly introduced cooldowns in our PVP area @go 15 / @pvp Are they still too low? Too high? Balanced? Looking forward to your replies! ~
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