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Draw your own character

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Hello Citizens of Rune Midgard!

It’s time to show off your skill not just inside the game but your talent in arts too! This event will let you show off your imagination and drawing skills. Send us your Masterpiece and let the players know how talented you are at drawing!. Your Work of art will also be posted on Facebook,Discord and Forums!. So what are you waiting for?!

WHEN: February 15, 2021 Monday 17:00 Server Time.
DEADLINE: March 10, 2021 23:59 Server Time.
WHERE: XileRetro Map/Facebook
You can submit your finished art on or before the deadline.
Announcement of Winners: It will be on March 11, 2021 (In-game, Facebook, Forums, Discord) No specific time .
● Your drawing should be your character ingame. Send a screenshot of your character and photo of your drawing
● The drawing should be done by hand and not made with a computer. (Black n'white or colored)
● No Stickman, Malicious drawings, and No Copying other works from the internet.
● You are only allowed to send one drawing/screenshot of your character.
● There will be 4 Winners. If we have 10 Participants and 3 winners if we have less than 10 participants.
● If we reach 10 participants in this event 3 winners will be chosen by the GM’s and 1 will be chosen as People’s Choice!
Your drawing should have a signature and date when it was made and send it to Gm Jaino’s discord, forum or facebook for your work of art!
Facebook/Discord/Forums GM Jaino
IGN: Jaino
JOB: Baby Assassin
This will be a point system based event. Whosoever has the highest point Wins!.
3 GM Judges will be looking into your work and see who has the strongest and wildest imagination you can bring to the table!
GM’s will not transfer your prize to another account. It has to be the character/account you have drawn.
We will be voting who has the best work and will be tallied once all has made a decision.
Our Vote will be based of as follows:
Imagination/Creativity: 10 Points
Technique and Skill: 10 Points
Neatness: 10 Points
A Total of [30 Points]
Costume of Your Choice! (Restrictions apply)
1x Unique Weapon of Your Choice!
2x Uber Rings!
4x Socket Essence
1.5 Billion Zeny!
2x Uber Rings!
1x +10 Deviling Wings!
1 Billion Zeny!
2x Socket Essence!
1x Mystic Box
500 Million Zeny!
1x +0 Deviling Wings!
1x Event Box!
7D Premium Ticket!
People’s Choice!
1x 3D Premium Ticket!
250 Million Zenny
1x +10 Elite Weapon
1x Event Box
-Thanks to Gm Simon for helping me!

       drawing.jpg.eafee746205e76fdf381ad5fd53d5fdc.jpg                           1871987864_Screen(2).jpg.8c60463fa8bb01c01ef293bd3635ef09.jpg
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