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This update focuses on zeny and economy changes, we wanted to help how the server functions around zeny and the coins you can convert them into, we also want to open up new doors for non-donators to obtain donation gears with zeny!


Content Updates:


Zeny Changes:

  • Coins can now be sold to NPC with respective selling price.
  • Removed Silver Coin from Unholy Path

  • Removed Coin(s) from Castle Treasure drops

  • Coin(s) no longer have weight

  • Zeny while Player Vending is converted to Coin format, no more zeny limits!

  • Better logic checking for vends, and count items max amount before converting Zeny to Coin.


Fixes & Changes:

  • Updated attendance rewards

  • The following Automated Events have been reinstated with removals of Zeny Coin(s) from their Reward(s);

  • Rookie Badges can now be bought via Buying Store

  • GM Event reward option(s) have been updated as follows

    • 1 Gold coin

    • 35 Rookie Badges

    • 1 Golden Event Apple

    • 1 Premium Ticket (3D)

    • 2 Platinum Coin

  • Novice class can no longer enter WoE Castles, again lol.

  • Battlegrounds Shops have had their contents rearranged for aesthetic and organization purposes.

  • Battlegrounds Shops have had their Mithril Coin requirement removed.



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