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We are happy to have such a great community and players that have supported the server for over a full year, so we just like to extend our gratitude and respect for those who have continued to make the server better! 🥳. Our last update introduced new ways to earn donation ubers by using zenies on a dynamic algorithm, this was not the main focus of the last update but we have had great response to the update by our players and we are happy to look into other ways we can create player focused approaches. This update introduces new monster costumes on their monster counterparts which you will have to hunt down to get @Mitsune put a huge amount of effort to create this system that brings another dynamic to monster hunting. Kiki has now been updated to now automatically daily take a random five items from a pool of over 300+ items and assign a random pricing so that players can have new ways of obtaining costumes they care about, or snagging a rare and vending which now supports @whosells and @buyitems btw~


We are looking for new GM's to join our amazing team on XileRetro to help push us further, get in touch on discord if interested!!



Command Updates:

  • [NEW] @whosells
    • You can now use this command to open the catalogue interface and scout out vends and their selling items.
  • [NEW] @buyitems
    • You can use this command to now create a buying store, sit back and relax while others sell their items to you.
  • [NEW] @checkpoints
    • Check your ubers anywhere, anytime -- Well this was pointless but we added it because J*** did 🤤

Battleground Updates:

  • [UPDATE] Team deathmatch scores have been reduced from 35 to 20.
    • we will keep an eye on community feedback for other rotations and will apply for next update.
  • [UPDATE] Players are now 100% healed when entering a battlegrounds mode.
  • [UPDATE] Mounts are now removed from players when entering battlegrounds mode.

NPC Updates:

  • [Update] We have removed the noisy NPCs from @go 3
  • [Update] Kiki collection now offers five random items everyday, so check often.

World Boss Updates:

  • [UPDATE] Health has now been reduced by 20%
  • [UPDATE] Last hit now receives extra rewards (2 Gold Coins + 3d Premium).

Monster Drop Changes:

These costumes drop from their monsters. Clue is in the name, use @whodrops!


Edited by Mitsune
Linked proper Monster Headgear list~
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